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Delivery Information

No-cost delivery is also available at the office and on weekdays on weekdays ahead of the order: order today - delivery tomorrow, or on the next day.
The minimum order amount for cost-free delivery of goods and services to the office and home is 300 UAH.
Estimated hour of cost-free delivery of services to the office for delivery - from 11.00 to 14.00 (working hour).
You can find out the exact hour of delivery to your office and home by calling our operator.
You can request an individual delivery to the office at a convenient hour for you, paying for the delivery - 150 UAH.
The order for the delivery of your chosen dishes is accepted until 18:00 (if possible) the day before the desired delivery day
/order TODAY - delivery TOMORROW/
You can make changes to the order no later than 09:00 on the day of delivery.
Orders are accepted using the "basket", e-mail, Google Docs, by phone or in another way convenient for you.
Both cash and NON-CASH forms of payment are possible with or without the conclusion of an agreement.