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Baked potatoes with mushrooms

Baked potatoes with mushrooms..

Boiled potatoes with butter and herbs

Potatoes, oil, dill greens..

Boiled potatoes with frying and onions

Boiled potatoes with frying and onions..

Broccoli with vegetables

Broccoli with vegetables..

Buckwheat porridge with tomato gravy

Buckwheat porridge with tomato gravy..

Corn porridge

Corn porridge..

French fries

French fries..

Fried cauliflower in an egg

Fried cauliflower in an egg..

Frying potatoes with mushrooms and onions

Frying potatoes with mushrooms and onions..

Greek porridge is crumbly

Greek porridge is crumbly..

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes..

Potatoes are in Kraolsky

Potatoes are in Kraolsky..

Spaghetti under cheese

Spaghetti under cheese..

The rice of the boiled dietary

Rice boiled without refueling..

Zucchini fried with herbs

Zucchini fried with herbs..

Stewed potatoes

Stewed potatoes..